Jeff Lin, Founder & CEO of Bust Out Solutions

Jeff Lin, the Founder and CEO of Bust Out Solutions, didn’t see a tech company in his future when he graduated from college. Instead, his passion in the field of technology was inspired by his first job. “After graduating from Carleton College with a Biology degree, I worked 6 years for a software development company and later decided to start Bust Out Solutions,” he said in a recent visit.


Bust Out Solutions is a software design and development company that specializes in building web based and mobile applications. Jeff has been in business for 13 years. During this time, he’s not only found a perfect fit in the field, he’s seen his vision of assembling a team of highly-talented individuals who share his love of technology and his passion for design come to fruition.


It is a combination of interest in technology, projects at hand, and passion to develop young talent that triggered Jeff to hire two interns, Taneeya Rele (above right) and Kha Huynh (above left), through SciTech this summer. Taneeya is going into her junior at Macalester College, where she is majoring in Computer Science and Economics, while Kha will be a junior at Carleton College and is majoring in Computer Science and American Studies. This is the first internship in the computer science field for both Taneeya and Kha.


From his past experiences, Jeff explains that internships present a great opportunity for students to learn. “When I was a student, I had great internships and I want to give the same experience to other people,” says Jeff. With many projects in play, there is a need for talented people to both meet the needs of clients and achieve the company goals. Jeff explained that interns present different perspectives and knowledge that are important for the company’s success. He further illustrates that besides having skills and experience necessary to accomplish specific projects, Taneeya and Kha articulated a sheer desire and curiosity to learn. “They showed interest, teamwork, spirit and willingness to learn – skills that are necessary to succeed in our company,” Jeff explained.


A Day in the Life of an Intern


Taneeya and Kha spent the first two weeks of their internships doing product development, working with developers and customer relations. They are often moving between different assignments. “Here is a task, go figure it out,” Jeff highlighted in explaining the interns’ daily schedule. For Taneeya, the experience with Bust Out Solutions has been beneficial, and has helped her conceptualize school material relative to real world work. “It’s interesting to apply theories that I learn from class to real life. Class work just gives you a good way to approach bigger projects,” she explains.


Taneeya and Kha both appreciate the company culture at Bust Out Solutions, and highlighted that the friendly and collaborative environment has enabled them to learn much from their internships. “Everybody here is passionate about what they do, and you can see that. I always wanted to do something that I love,” says Kha. Working with a small team of people with professional experience in the field makes it possible for the interns to ask questions and develop understanding of all areas of the company. Kha highlighted that she has gotten insight on how technology can be used to solve everyday problems that people face. She explained that interacting with both clients and developers makes it possible to understand their needs and develop necessary software to meet those needs.


The internship opportunity through SciTech has provided an opportunity for experiential learning through hands-on experience for Taneeya and Kha. They gained understanding of what’s happening in the field as they explore their career interests. Both students, who will be going into their senior year in college, have enjoyed their experience at Bust Out Solutions, and are hoping to pursue computer-related careers after graduation.


SciTech is a Mutually Beneficial Program for Both Interns and Companies


Every year, many small to mid-sized Minnesota businesses and STEM students register with the SciTech Internship Program. Companies that meet SciTech eligibility criteria receive a dollar wage reimbursement that covers 50% of the wages (up to $2,500) for hiring STEM students registered with the program. SciTech has a web-based platform that makes it easy for students to access a statewide internship job board and connects employers to a pool of prescreened students. The 2018 Program Year begins September 1, 2017, but applications are accepted year-round at