It’s a quiet week here at SciTech. Our team will mostly be out of the office Tuesday through Friday, soaking up as much extended holiday fun as we can. Before we run out the door, sunglasses and pinwheels in hand, we wanted to wish you all a very happy fourth of July and share some of what we’ll be doing to celebrate Independence day.


Piper Cleaveland -Marketing and Communications Specialist
For the last three years, I’ve spent my July 4th in Farmington Minnesota with my boyfriend’s family. Native to the Western Suburbs myself, our morning drive south of the Minnesota River is a change of scene. But, with coffee in hand, I’m ready for the day-long celebration. This is their family’s biggest holiday, with a group of about 60 coming in from around the country.
The day begins with parade watching. We then caravan back to an aunt’s house for a homemade lunch buffet so large that the tables of food take up an entire back porch. As more burgers and brats are grilled, the cousins start a game of volleyball while the younger kids throw water balloons and jump in and out of the kiddie pool. Later in the afternoon, everyone makes their way to a nearby baseball field for the traditional family softball game. Last year, one of the cousins brought and set up a flag pole so we could sing the national anthem before the first pitch (just in case you had any doubts about how into The 4th of July this family is). Once we’re back at the house it’s time to churn the ice cream maker. Everyone gets a turn so by the time each family member has contributed a couple cranks, the ice cream is ready to eat.
We end the night by biking to a nearby elementary school, setting up chairs or sitting in the back of pick-up trucks as we wait for the big show to begin. The fireworks are always a blast -definite pun intended- and are almost as exhilarating as the bike ride back through the dark. I usually start dozing on the car ride home to the cities. Even though I’m exhausted, it’s the good kind of tired, the kind that leads to a deep sleep and fond memories in the morning.


Maria Rico -Student Outreach Coordinator
This Fourth of July is very special and exciting to me because my favorite person in the world, my abuelita, is here visiting me. Abuelita is Spanish for grandma.  My abuelita travelled here all the way from our home state, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Therefore, I will be spending this holiday with her in the kitchen so she can teach me all of her cooking secrets, because she makes the most delicious food in the world! In addition to that, my family and I will be showing her around the Twin Cities as well as, all of the Independence Day activities going on.


Becky Siekmeier -Program Director
I will be in the office most of the week to plan our summer site visits. This is an exciting time of the year for the SciTech team, where we get out around the state to meet many of the fascinating employers and interns involved in the program. I’ll spend the 4th of July taking it easy, though. My day will start early with a nice long walk with my dog, Ozzie, and listening to a biography about Hamilton on Audible. I’m hoping my family will be able to pop in at a friend’s home in Lake Elmo in the early afternoon for a pontoon ride, and then we’ll head out to Eden Prairie for an annual BBQ at my brother’s house. Since we’re early risers, we’ll probably see the fireworks on TV. We’ll hear the booms and whistles from the mini explosions around the neighborhood as we drift off to sleep with the sounds of the festivities dancing in our heads.


Whatever your 4th of July plans may be, we hope that you have a wonderful and safe holiday as well!

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