Thanksgiving is tomorrow! For some that means watching parades, or football. For others it’s just one more day before their holiday shopping can begin. Whatever your tradition, food and family are almost always at the heart.

Our SciTech team thought it’d be nice to wrap up our short week by sharing our Thanksgiving plans and traditions. Here’s some of the ways we celebrate with the ones we’re most thankful for.

Becky Siekmeier, Program Director
Thanksgiving for me will start Wednesday night – that’s because my family is hosting a small gathering on Thursday and there’s lots to prepare! We’re going to cook our turkey a little differently: it will first be steamed in a cast iron Dutch oven over an open campfire, then grilled to finish the exterior. We’ve tried this method once before with great results, so keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome! I’ll be a happy camper if everything turns out okay, and if I can get the cranberry sauce out of the can in one plop with the can rings still intact. It’s a weird family tradition. I’m looking forward to all the food and gatherings over the next four days. Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re able to celebrate with good food and people you enjoy.

Maria Rico, Student Outreach Coordinator
This Thanksgiving the Ricos will gather at my parents’ home to eat some of my mom’s famous green spaghetti and fried chicken. This meal has been a Rico Thanksgiving tradition since my family began celebrating Thanksgiving 20 years ago when we moved here from Mexico. Given that my mom only cooks this spaghetti on special occasions, I am excited to bring out my eating pants and getting my fill of green spaghetti for the year! The calories will hopefully be balanced out on Black Friday during my shift at the gym I work at on the weekends.

Piper Cleaveland, Marketing and Communications Specialist
My Thanksgiving will begin early at my parent’s house, cooking in the morning with my mom while we watch romantic and festive Hallmark Channel movies. There’s sure to be a roaring fire in the fireplace and a couple of pets roaming around, looking for attention. Around noon we’ll head over to my Aunt’s house in St. Louis Park, where we’ll catch up and watch football until 2:00, before settling down for the big meal. There’s usually about 15 of us around one long table, and everyone takes their turn saying what their thankful for. We’ll probably discuss the most recent movies we’ve seen, and ask all the usual prying questions about each other’s lives. Since most of us will be away for Christmas this year, it’ll be really nice to have everyone together.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
No SciTech Thanksgiving post would be complete without mentioning the amazing companies and students that use our program. We’re thankful for all that we’ve accomplished together, building Minnesota’s STEM workforce, and creating opportunities and experiences that will influence the next generation to do the same.   

*There will be no Friday post this week, but the SciTech blog will resume its regular schedule starting next Monday, 26.*