As an information solutions company, Procellis Technology provides IT and IoT support for small businesses and the public sector. They’re dedicated to two things: improving their customer’s outcomes and strengthening their team with professional development.

“We believe in continual improvement, so we’re constantly investing in everyone, every staff member, to make sure they’re on top of their game with technology, which in turn gives better results to the client,” explained Procellis’ CEO Damian Young.

This is the company’s first year hosting an internship program of this scale, having hired six STEM students through the SciTech Internship Program. So, when Young considered how to manage so many interns, he decided to set a goal for them: to become a full software automation team. To do this, Procellis invested in their students and with courses and teamwork, helped get everyone DevNet certified.

“I think that’s probably the best thing we’re able to offer our interns,” Young said. “They’re getting to take with them a certification that has significant value and shows that they are capable.”

Rockstar collaboration
Procellis’ newly certified DevNet team consisted of Julia Ha, a computer science major at Normandale Community College, Nate Haleen, an information technology major at Inver Hills Community College, David Kong, a computer science major at the University of Minnesota, Halley Paulson, a computer and data science major at the University of Minnesota-Morris and Shouayee Vue, a computer science major at Macalester.

Though their internships relied heavily on collaboration, each student gained unique experiences as well. Ha learned about API and automation. Haleen spent most of his time working within IT, strengthening his programming abilities. Paulson worked IoT development. And Vue, after recently completing a course specializing in IoT is now in talks with some of Procellis’s partners about automating their workflow.

“There was so much collaboration. And collaboration on that level is absolutely amazing!” Young said proudly. “I’m impressed that they accomplished something so advanced. They’re all rockstars.”

Building confidence on the job
Looking back on this experience, each student had their own takeaway.

“The teamwork has been awesome,” said Ha. “My background isn’t in networking, so at first it felt a little overwhelming. But as I went along, I realized that each person has different strengths to contribute to the team.”

“My greatest achievement is whenever I’m in a lab environment and something’s not working but then I finally get it to work,” Haleen said. “There’s this adrenaline rush and I’m like, ‘I do know how to do this.’”

“I didn’t feel knowledgeable enough before this,” Paulson admitted. “I was surprised about how well I understand certain things and I can actually explain things properly to people to help them understand it.”

“This is nothing like what I imagined; this opportunity has been much better!” Vue said enthusiastically. “I’ve been so lost in trying to find my place in this career. I’m super grateful to be able to have guidance, support from the whole company, and given the chance to grow.”

Get involved
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