UMC, the Ultra Machining Company, commemorated the completion of its new facility with an open house this summer that welcomed 300+ attendees from and around the Monticello area. With this recent growth, UMC plans to upscale its manufacturing capabilities for the medical and aerospace industries. The company also views this as an opportunity to get their interns working in the new space with the new machines so they can learn UMC’s new processes as they’re being implemented.

With its annual use of the SciTech Program to hire college interns, and the youth apprenticeships they host for local high schoolers, UMC is well versed when it comes to talent acquisition and development. A big part of that comes down to the meaningful work experiences that the company provides. For a part-time employee to choose to stay full-time, they need the opportunity to learn and contribute.

“We asked each department leader to work with their interns to come up with goals and create a project,” explained HR Generalist Stephanie Loegering, to ensure that this year’s intern cohort got the most from their experience.

Awards and Robots
UMC welcomed Engineering Interns Riley Donat and Carter Lommel to work on a few internal projects. Donat drew from his robotics experience while programing one of UMC’s manufacturing robots and helped to automate their deburring process. Lommel was assigned a design project and got to manufacture the Years of Service trophy that will be awarded to UMC employees for years to come.

“Modeling the trophies was definitely my favorite so far,” said Lommel. “It’s the fact that you can take something from your head to a screen and then 3D print it all in one day.”

Influential Interns
With their summer internships concluded, Donat and Lommel reflected on the value of knowing their contributions would have a lasting impact at UMC. Whether it’s Lommel’s trophy being used to recognize an employee’s dedication, or seeing Donat’s robot working out on the manufacturing floor, both interns can walk away knowing that they’ve made their mark.

“Thank you for being so helpful,” Donat added. “From the first day, any question I had I knew I could ask. It’s been a good experience.”

Get involved!
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