About August Schell Brewing Company

August Schell established his famous Minnesota brewery in beautiful New Ulm in 1860. It is the second oldest family owned brewery in the nation. The brewery, commonly called simply Schell’s, has become a tourist destination boasting fantastic attractions like the historic family mansion, gorgeous gardens, Museum of Brewing, and even peacocks!

Schell’s has been using SciTech to find talented interns for a few years now. “Ever since we’ve been using the SciTech program for summer internships, there have been so many more people that have contacted us,” said Lab Manager Sean Monroe. “One of the best things for our continued improvement is to have interns every summer. It definitely helps to have fresh eyes.”

Meet the Intern

We spoke with intern Abby Kaluza about her experience as an intern at Schell’s. Abby is a junior at the College of St. Benedict studying Biochemistry. She has spent her time at Schell’s testing bitterness units in beer, finding ways to recycle materials, create sustainable brewing processes, and more.

A day in Abby’s life:

  • Day starts 8 a.m.
  • Enter the lab
  • Filter beer from sampled cans or bottles brewed the week before
  • Membrane filtration (shows yeast and lactic acid which can lead to off-flavors in beer)
  • Complete other tests and procedures for samples
  • Work on sustainability project of Isooctane recycling
  • Assist with other projects as needed

“I couldn’t have picked a cooler location! Everyone here is super nice and helpful. We have fun, but we also get stuff done,” says Abby.

Abby’s interest in the brewing industry began with a study abroad trip to Europe where she learned the ins and outs of brewing beer and the fermentation process. “It was really cool to apply what we learned in the classroom to a hands on experience abroad.”

Abby’s experience with Schell’s helped her gain more knowledge of the brewing industry. “I didn’t realize how in-depth labs within breweries are. I definitely understand more of what goes into making what you see on the shelves.”

Get Involved:

If you are a STEM student looking for a unique internship opportunity like Abby’s, look no further! Get started today at SciTechMN.org. Are you a returning SciTech student? Reactivate by sending your current transcript to SciTechMN@mntech.org.