Original photo from Celadon Systems, www.celadonsystems.com

About Celadon:
Celadon Systems is a semiconductor probe manufacturer that specializes in making probe cards, cables and associated hardware built to withstand extreme conditions. When the SciTech team met with Celadon for a virtual site visit this summer, they spoke with Adam Schultz, an R&D electrical engineer. Before he was hired fulltime, Schultz worked as an intern at Celadon, and drew from that experience when he mentored Dalton Roehl, a current mechanical engineering and software intern hired through the SciTech Internship Program.

“As an intern myself in the past, I’ve been in Dalton’s shoes,” Schultz said, “And one of the best things you can do as an employer is to give them a lot of responsibility. They won’t let you down.”

About the intern:
Roehl certainly received his fair share of projects during his time at Celadon. Working with Schultz, Roehl learned how to process parts and sharpen them for a better connection. His favorite tasks were the hands-on assignments, such as fabricating fixtures and using prototype parts to run electrical tests.

With everything he’s been exposed to during this internship, Roehl said, this experience has definitely inspired him to take more electrical classes during the fall and spring semester.

“Looking back, I didn’t know what to expect,” Roehl said reflectively. “I found my feet relatively quickly though and it all clicked into place after that. The biggest thing I was happy about was getting to work with the upper management. They were all very approachable and took the time to explain things to me if I needed it.”

After graduation, Roehl is looking forward to finding a fulltime position in his field. “Who knows,” he said. “Maybe it’ll be at Celadon.”

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