Meet the company:
Dose Health, a medical device startup, has created a smart-pillbox service to help families and caregivers with medication management. Paul Hines M.D, the CEO of Dose Health, went from doctor to entrepreneur when he saw the need for such a support system while working through medical school. Developing his idea for this medical device started as a hobby and has since transformed to his fulltime job.

“There aren’t any exact blueprints for running a startup,” Hines said. “And not much transferred from medical school, so I had to develop a lot of skills for running a business.”

Knowing that he would need help with the software development for his product, Hines decided to hire computer science students to assist him.

“SciTech is the first place I look for interns,” said Hines. “As we’ve been growing, the reimbursement has helped immensely and really made us look to the program. Everything gets done really quickly and it’s a lot easier to find people on the website who are qualified.” Hines hired his first SciTech interns in 2015, a year after starting his company, and returned to offer internships every year since.

Meet the interns:
This spring and summer, Hines hired Nana Adwoa Amoah, Colin Kirby and Zahara Spilka from Macalester College. Spilka worked on fixing bugs and cleaning up the Dose Health smart app. Amoah oversaw the feature transference from the old tool to the new one. And Kirby helped build new tool functions.

“Working remote,” Spilka said, “meant I could work on my own time and hit the ground running.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to solve problems,” Kirby added. “I had a lot of room to try new things and come up with ideas and solutions.”

“The relaxed environment here is great,” Amoah agreed. “It really fosters better learning. As time went on, my tasks became more complex and I learned a lot every time I complete a project. My skills are definitely improving.”

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