Benjamin Paulsen chose a degree in computer science, in part he said, because of the opportunities it offered to see a project from beginning to end.

“That’s what I really enjoy doing. I like to design and build.”

Now developing software full time at GeaCom in Duluth, he’s pursuing those interests every day while helping this innovation company further develop their medical engagement platform.  

“We’re very fortunate to have individuals who are passionate about what they’ve learned in school and who are hungry to apply their skills to make a difference,” said General Manager Katja Kressmann. “I value different perspectives and insights. And what I really appreciate about Ben is how he brings in new ideas proactively. That’s why we were so excited to have him continue with GeaCom.”

Automating the system
Paulsen first connected with GeaCom through the SciTech Internship Program and started as a software development intern. One of his main projects at that time involved assessing the different UI components of GeaCom’s products and developing news ways to better implement them effectively and efficiently.

“It’s a big time saver,” said Kressmann. “Normally, when updating interfaces there are files shared between teams for modification and this required a tedious process to register each team’s development. Ben basically streamlined the change entry process with a new program that he wrote. As a result updating UIs is much faster and automated, ensuring higher quality. This really has been a big value add for the company.” 

“It’s really cool to see your work actually implemented and making a difference.” Paulsen said.

Projects with Purpose
Having accepted a full-time position after he graduated, the transition from intern to employee has been smooth. Looking forward, Paulsen is eager to start focusing more on the broader aspects of development at GeaCom.

The best part of his new job, Paulsen said, is that it’s, “very meaningful work. We’re diving into key issues that as a system we really face.”

The team at GeaCom understands the significance of impactful projects and always strives to provide internships with a purpose. 

“Give interns the opportunity to develop and apply their expertise while providing them with a pathway to effectively apply their passion.” Kressmann said. “The pieces that Ben and his colleagues develop, impact hundreds of thousands of people. He’s part of a team that offers equity in healthcare. What better could there be?”