About GPM:

GPM manufactures and distributes submersible and horizontal slurry pumps. They also represent manufacturers providing solutions in air handling, mechanical seals, gearboxes, material handling systems, cooling towers, valves and many other fine products. Their motto is “When you need to pump it, blow it, heat it, seal it, move it, gear it, or just cool it… think of GPM.”

“An example of our primary market is in the mines in northern Minnesota; mine de-watering or lowering the water level,” says Terry King, Director of Engineering at GPM (right). The pumps are also used in coal processing facilities and other applications where the slurry contains abrasives such as gravel and rock. GPM pumps are rugged, durable and designed specifically to move materials up to 4 inches in diameter.

 Meet the intern:

Jake Engen (left) is a rising senior studying Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Jake’s core work at GPM involved documenting the manufacturing procedures for assembling GPM’s pumps.

This is Jake’s second internship through SciTech, and he has found tremendous value in exploring two companies offering a broad range of work experience in his major.

 “Thank you so much for all your help over the past couple years with my internships through SciTech! SciTech is a fantastic program that has helped connect me with some really educational and beneficial internship experiences. I hope that SciTech continues to grow, so that more companies can afford to give students the same beneficial experience that I received through my internships, because the truth is that most students will not and are not gaining that kind of knowledge from their education alone.

Keep up the good work!” – Jake Engen

Above: Jake and Terry with GPM pumps. The size of the holes in the bottom “basket” determine the maximum size of abrasives each pump can handle.