About LGC, Biosearch Technologies​:
LGC, Biosearch Technologies, an Alexandria-based biotech manufacturer, is the driving force behind Array Tape™ automation, a patented polymer strip embossed with micro wells that enables laboratories to quickly process billions of genetic samples and chemical compounds.

A majority of their business is centered within the agriculture industry and the testing of crop genes, but they often branch out to other applications when needs arise. Most recently, LGC, Biosearch Technologies has even adapted their method to assist with COVID testing.

Over the summer, the small company occasionally hires interns through the SciTech Internship Program to help advance their work, and are often on the lookout for students who are interested in staying on full-time.

“One of the things we like to look for in our interns is someone who will consider staying here long-term, and someone who has the skills that we need,” explained David Sellnow, a Test Manager at LGC, Biosearch Technologies.

Jacob Reis, a Computer Information Systems major at Minnesota State University Mankato, checked both boxes. His experience working in C#, his familiarity with the Alexandria area, and his openness to return made Reis the perfect candidate.

About the intern:
Jacob joined the automation team as a Software and Test Intern. Having never worked with automated testing before, he came at the experience ready to learn. His main project involved testing and improving the IntelliQube System, which will potentially be used for COVID-19 screening applications. The work Jake contributed enabled more automated software tests to be run and reduced the overall time to execute testing. Reis began by importing new protocols and monitoring them carefully to ensure values were consistently correct. The goal, he said, was efficiency; and to build off one task to make the following task easier.

“The first time I was able to run through a complete test was definitely a nice moment for me,” Reis explained. “You start with a defined task, complete it, submit it, have it reviewed, and have that pass into the system. It was nice to go through all the steps and see it accumulate. On top of that, we’re writing our tests so they can be reused. That’s the benefit, and that’s something I was proud of; knowing I’m making an impact.”

“Coming out of college, I had little familiarity with testing frameworks,” Reis concluded. “Now, having gained some experience, I can say that I have developed an incredible appreciation and interest in how testing is conducted. If I had to say one thing to my team at LGC, Biosearch Technologies, it would be ‘thank you’. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to grow and learn within your organization, especially with the current challenges present in this pandemic. Moving forward, I hope to continue to contribute and grow as an individual with the amount of time I have left here. Thank you again to both SciTech Internship Program and LGC, Biosearch Technologies for making this opportunity possible and giving me the chance to succeed.”

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