About the Company:
Lift and Store, located in Ramsey, manufactures and installs a wide variety of overhead and wall-mounted storage solutions. They have created a way to automate overhead storage that makes it functional and easy to use. Business has been booming over the last few years, so the company turned to the SciTech Internship Program to find some new engineering talent. We spoke with CEO Chris Benyo to hear about his experience hiring interns this summer through SciTech.

“We’ve found that the interns we bring in have natural curiosity, and it is worth its weight in gold to have them with us,” said Benyo. “Mohamed was persistent, and everybody who met him when he came to interview said ‘yeah, we need to get that guy in.”

Meet the intern:
Lift and Store, STEM, STEM internship, paid internship, manufacturing, internship, intern   Mohamed Noor, a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Minnesota, joined the team at Lift & Store as an engineering intern. “I always liked the idea of seeing how things were designed. Mechanical engineering allows you to see a project through from beginning to end.”

Noor has spent his time at Lift & Store doing cloud-based integration, AutoCAD designing, some electrical engineering projects, and other related testing. He moved quickly from the role of intern to Engineering Manager and has been welcomed as an integral part of the team. “Being able to apply the stuff I learned in my classes to my work has been really great,” said Noor. “I am really proud with how far we’ve come since I started.”

“Everybody is massively winning [with SciTech],” said Benyo. “Mohamed is getting experience as an Engineering Manager, and we are getting a talented worker.”

“My advice to other students is to use SciTech. You can get directly in contact with the person who is hiring you,” said Noor.

Get Involved:
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