About the company:
CEO Lynn Langit is the name and the brains behind Lynn Langit Consulting, a boutique software firm that specializes in building cloud solutions for its clients. Langit worked for Microsoft for several years, but the urge to build, learn and grow inspired her to branch off and become an entrepreneur. At 38, she taught herself computer science. Today, she’s using what she learned to teach others.

Langit’s team consists of subcontractors and interns. When hiring for these positions, she looks for candidates who are strong communicators, eager learners and who have a background in either computer science or math.

“I’ve had great success working with students,” Langit said. “And SciTech has helped a lot by providing a reliable pipeline of incoming talent.”

Her most recent hire was Information Technology Major and Computer Science Minor Jabir Dhamuke from the University of Minnesota. Jabir secured his internship by following up with Langit about a proposed solution to a business problem. During his interview they discussed the dilemma, though at the time neither of them had an answer of how to address it. Afterward, Jabir researched the problem, came up with a solution and reached out to Langit about what he found.

“That showed initiative,” Langit recalled proudly, and it guaranteed his position as her newest Data Cloud Pipeline Developer.

Meet the intern:
Jabir grew up with a love for computers. He took PSEO classes in high school and got his associate’s degree early. This internship isn’t his first but it is his favorite, he said, because of how much he’s learned.

“Working with Lynn has taught me that there’s a lot more to learn in a real-world setting,” Jabir said.

During his internship, Jabir really got the chance to expand his understanding of cloud-based technology, specifically around Google Cloud which, he said, is a very desirable area of focus in this industry. His time was mostly split between conducting research on his own and collaborating with Langit to solve client problems.

Working with Jabir, Langit said, “is helping me skill-up too. Teaching students prepares me for working with and teaching my clients.”

Looking back on this experience, Jabir was most grateful for the collaboration and guidance that he received by working closely with Langit. “She’s treated me like a coworker. That builds me up and it’s really helped to improve my confidence.”