About MIVI Neuroscience:
MIVI Neuroscience develops and commercializes innovative clinical solutions for neurointerventional procedures such as Ischemic Stroke. In layman’s terms, they develop catheters to remove artery obstructions. As a small lab and a startup, MIVI has utilized interns to help develop their product since 2015. According to Matt Ogle, Chief Technical Officer and Founder, about half of the students they hire stay on fulltime after they graduate.

When MIVI posted their internship position with SciTech this spring, they received several highly qualified applicants. One of the things that made Alaina Johnson stand out, a mechanical engineering major at Baylor University, was her previous internship experience and her background in CAD.

Meet the Intern:
When Johnson’s summer internship with a larger company was canceled due to COVID, she turned to the SciTech job board where she found a new opportunity interning at MIVI. Johnson had wanted to work in the medical device industry for a while and was looking forward to a position where she could directly help people, specifically by working to improve stroke patient outcomes.

During her MIVI internship, Johnson had lots of opportunities to do so. Her biggest project involved writing the protocol for design verification testing and then leading a design review meeting around it. This was a unique opportunity for an intern, granting her a one-on-one audience with MIVI’s founder and head engineers.

“I really like working at MIVI because of the impact I’m making in the company,” Johnson said. “When you’re at a small company like MIVI, you have the opportunity to experience every aspect of the company. This internship confirmed my passion for the medical device industry.”

“Alaina has been one of the most productive interns we’ve had,” said Lise Lachance, MIVI’s Director of R&D. “She was able to perform a lot of tasks without any hand holding.”

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