About Net V Pro:
In a small office in downtown St. Cloud, the IT professionals at Net V Pro are busy creating IT solutions for businesses of every caliber. Since 2009, Net V Pro has provided networking, storage and cloud backup services, geared towards helping small to medium sized companies meet their productivity goals.

Naturally, as an IT firm, having a good website to represent the company is crucial. Net V Pro’s initial site was created by the company’s founder, Paul Berndt, but it was updated by SciTechsperience Intern and Entry Level Engineer, Praveen Uprety, who not only rebuilt the website, but did so using his own original coding.

“He basically made us a whole new website,” said John Anderson, Network Engineer at Net V Pro. “It’s totally revamped.”

Uprety, along with his fellow intern Luke Dahlgren, also spent a lot of time working with Net V Pro’s clients on location. During his internship, Dahlgren got the chance to represent the company when he worked onsite at the Good Shepard Nursing Home in St. Cloud, providing IT support at their help desk.

“You learn better this way,” Dahlgren said. “I thought I’d be taught one-on-one every day, but I was basically thrown in and given all the trust right away. Doing it this way, you have to learn why something works, instead of just how to do it.”

About the interns:
Praveen Uprety is pursuing his master’s degree in information systems at St. Cloud State University and Luke Dahlgren is majoring in network administration at St. Cloud Technical and Community College.

“I have a year left of classes,” Dahlgren said. “I just feel like going back after this, it’ll just be so much easier. I feel like I’ve learned twenty times more here than in my first year of school. ”

The benefits of an internship like this, Anderson added, is “it’s a two way street. Initially it’s more work, getting the guys up to speed. But once we do, then it becomes a big help for us. As the interns grow and get more knowledge, I find that exciting. It’s fun to watch them learn.”

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