(Interns Andrew Iverson (left) and Jake Novotny (right).)

About NVE:
The NVE Corporation develops and sells devices that use spintronics, a nanotechnology that relies on electron spin rather than electron charge to acquire, store, and transmit information.

SciTech interns Andrew Iverson and Jake Novotny were brought in this summer to help develop NVE’s nanotechnology. Between them they worked on testing and debugging demo and printed circuit boards, and worked on R&D support for an NVE measuring system. It was hard work and it came with some lofty expectations.

“We have an unwritten rule that when we bring in an intern, we want them to make a contribution in the first week they’re here,” said Pete Eames, V.P. of advanced technology at NVE. “And that’s a tough thing to do. But, we put them to work on two fairly important problems and both of them succeeded.”

NVE’s approach to hosting internships acknowledges the intern’s limited time to work and learn, while valuing their capability to undertake and complete complicated tasks. In the event of Iverson and Novotny, great expectations lead to even greater learning opportunities.

“I faced challenges daily on the projects I worked on,” Novotny said, “But I’ve also gotten a lot sharper with electronics and programming since I started. I was surprised by some of the ways I could put my skills and class notes to use.”

“There’s value to having bright, enthusiastic, creative people on your team,” Eames said. “And when you have an intern come on for a short amount of time, you get an opportunity to really explore that.”

About the interns:
Andrew Iverson and Jake Novotny both attend the University of Minnesota, Iverson for electrical engineering, Novotny for physics.

Novotny’s internship at NVE helped solidify his ambition to pursue a career within the industry. The most important thing, he said, “is to find a job were you can do the things you want to do in your free time.  Currently, I’m searching for an immediate opportunity to contribute in a hands-on role, gaining further experience with electronics and programming while keeping my technical skills sharp.”

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“I thoroughly enjoyed the problem solving that was involved with this, and the satisfaction once a job was done,” Iverson added. “As an electrical engineer, I hope to continue to design and develop devices that can directly or indirectly impact people’s lives in a positive matter.”

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