About Packet Power:

Packet Power manufactures wireless power and environmental monitoring systems and monitoring applications.  Focusing on making products that are easy to install and manage has made Packet Power a leading wireless power monitoring platform for many data centers worldwide.


“We make hardware and software that generates packet-size information about power usage for cost allocation purposes,” says Steve VanTassel, CEO at Packet Power. The company has tens of thousands of monitoring units in use in over 30 countries and their cloud service handles nearly 300 million energy readings every day.


Meet the Intern:

Abigayle Corrigan is a senior student studying Computer Science at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Abigayle has always been interested in Computer Science, and her work at Packet Power involved software development and coding.


Abigayle found Packet Power through SciTech. She has enjoyed working in a small professional setting because it makes it easy to ask questions and learn from other people.


“Everyone here is friendly, easy going and casual. The small environment makes it easy to ask questions. The work hours are unstructured, so it fits your life style,” says Abigayle.