About the company:
As an IT systems integration company, the team at Procellis Technology Inc. specialize in cloud and hybrid digital transformations. One of their recent projects is a high-tech vehicle contract with The Minnesota Metropolitan Council.

“This contract is something we’re really passionate about,” said Customer Success Manager Jeff Weber. So when it was decided that Procellis was going to hire a intern to help with the project, he was on the lookout for someone with a network background and a high level of attention to detail.

After posting the position on the SciTech job board, Weber connected with Kasup Hewapathirana and hired him as a Mobile Network Maintenance Technician.

Meet the intern:
Majoring in network security and information technology at St. Cloud State University, this internship was Hewapathirana’s first professional experience working in the industry. His new team at Procellis, however, was there to help him succeed.

“We sat down with Kasup and talked about his goals,” Weber recalled. Knowing what Hewapathirana wanted to learn about helped them build a more robust internship experience for him. With Procellis’ support, Hewapathirana got Cisco certified. He also learned a lot about documentation and used that knowledge to make a significant impact at the company.

“Kasup does his documentation incredibly well,” said Weber. “Documentation is everything in this business, and his tech report was so good that it became one of our standards.”    

Throughout his internship, Hewapathirana received guidance and mentorship from his fellow engineers, working alongside them as he checked incoming tickets, prepped the vehicle devices and went on-site to troubleshoot malfunctions.

Looking forward, he said he’s excited to dive deeper into networking projects and cyber security, both of which are areas that Weber and the team are more than happy to encourage.

“We believe in continuous improvement,” Weber said. “The way we utilize our internship program is by helping them gain certifications and building out a path here that they want to pursue. We prefer to hire from within the company, so we rely heavily on our interns to do that.”

“Everyone is helpful here and I’m very grateful for that,” Hewapathirana said. “We are a small company and we grow together. I plan to stick around for a while.”