About the Company:

Taking business from “offshore to the North Shore” of Minnesota, the talented team at Saturn Systems Inc. creates custom software development solutions including Cloud and Web Solutions, Mobile Development, and more.

Saturn Systems uses the SciTech Internship Program to support their software development needs for their business. SciTech offers a wage reimbursement to employers that helps them fund these important internship experiences, secure future talent, and get work done.

We recently spoke with Prethish Mathew, a Software Engineering Manager at Saturn Systems, who worked directly with the SciTech interns. “Our interns are treated like our employees. There isn’t a differentiation between the developers and the interns. The experience they get is that of a real job experience,” said Mathew.

Internships are valuable work experience that can help launch a student’s career, and they are beneficial for business as well. “They [the interns] have taught me a lot,” said Mathew.

Meet the interns:

Alex Wisuri, a junior and Software Engineering student at St. Cloud State University, and Ben Erickson, a junior and Electrical Engineering student at University of Minnesota – Duluth, joined the team at Saturn Systems for their summer internships.

“Pretty much right away I was just another member of the development team, and they treated me like an actual developer,” said Erickson. Erickson spent his internship working on a variety of programming projects and expanding his knowledge in development. “I thought it was great to experience how multiple teams go about software development.”

Wisuri was focused on app development for the majority of his internship. “It makes me proud to know that people in my community will use the software I’m creating,” said Wisuri.

To see an example of some Saturn Systems programming and development in action, check out the picture below of the Harbor Lookout website – or test it out yourself! (harborlookout.com) The site allows users to identify and locate ships in the Duluth harbor in real time.

Harbor Lookout

From: Harborlookout.com

SciTech would like to thank Representative Liz Olson for joining the meeting. Rep. Olson was invited to see the SciTech program in action. “It was awesome to see what SciTech does for the community and the impact it has on the interns,” said Rep. Olson.


Get Involved:

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