Internships are a great way to boost your productivity, bring in fresh perspectives and develop future talent for your organization. They are also a great way for students to receive the hands-on experience they need to translate classroom learning into a business environment where they can make a contribution. The potential for creating a win-win situation for both sides is tremendous. To generate a mutually beneficial experience, it’s important to make sure the match is a good fit for both you and your intern.

Liz (Cherif) Drake, Director of Corporate Technology Talent Acquisition at Thomson Reuters, will share her expertise on how to identify the best fit for your internship position during the interviewing process.

Discover how to find answers to these key questions:

  • Does the candidate have the experience and skills – and more importantly, the soft skills – to be successful in this internship?
  • Does this internship align with the candidate’s educational and career objectives?
  • Does the candidate fit in with the culture of the company and the team?

Get expert interviewing tips, including:

  • “Must ask” questions
  • Questions you should never ask
  • Reading non-verbal cues

About our guest:

Liz (Cherif) Drake has a wide range of career experiences working across multiple industries from small non-profits to large, multinational corporations.  For the past 15 years, Liz has focused her career on Talent Acquisition in the technology sector.  Liz is passionate about working with young adults – in particular young women – to raise awareness around the endless possibilities a career in technology offers.

This webinar is ideal for small employers, HR staff and hiring managers who take part in their company’s hiring process.

 Recording Date: Thursday, March 31, 2016

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