A well-crafted resume and cover letter will garner an employer’s attention and help get your foot in the door. But in order to make that interview count, there are a few essential techniques every STEM student needs to know. 

As part of the three-part STEM Job Search Webinar series, SciTech and the Software Guild have come together to address the most frequently asked questions by STEM students when taking that first step from college student to employee.

This webinar will include:

  • A Guide to Phone Interviews
    • Do’s and don’ts before the call
    • What to do when the phone rings
    • Strategies for answering questions
    • The STAR method
    • Tips and best practices
  • A Guide to In-Person Interviews
    • What good preparation looks like
    • Logistics planning
    • How to present yourself
    • Mastering first impressions
    • After the interview

Recording Date:  Thursday January 4, 2018

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