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*Note: when applying you will need to upload a copy of your unofficial transcript.

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Current/School Address
Permanent/Home Address (and post-graduation contact information)
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The responses to Demographic questions will only be used in aggregate reporting provided to funders of the SciTech Internship Program. Individual information is not public and is not shared with hiring companies. Review the SciTech Data Privacy Notice here.

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Upload Current Transcript file (Unofficial versions accepted)  *
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Federal Selective Service Requirement

The SciTech Internship Program is funded by the State of Minnesota, which receives assistance from the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Therefore, SciTech must comply with the federal requirement to have all applicants whose gender was identified as "Male" at birth present documentation showing registration with the federal Selective Service.

Are you registered with the federal Selective Service?

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Your Chance to Shine! Tell Us About Yourself

Please share the reasons why you are interested
in your field(s) of study

Please include any volunteer or paid experience
relevant to this internship (3000 word limit)

Please list any special skills or experience you have that
you feel are pertinent to an internship in your field of study (250 word limit)

Please list any special skills or experience you have that
you feel are pertinent to an internship in your field of study (250 word limit)
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How did you hear about SciTech? *

Program Terms and Conditions - Electronic Agreement and Signature

The Future of the SciTech Internship Program is up to YOU.  Your feedback about your SciTech internship experience is critical to the growth and continuation of this program. Rigorous evaluation of the program by both students and hiring companies is important to understanding how to improve SciTech in the future. To this end, sharing insight on and experience with the program is required of all participants through a survey on completion of the internship. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

By submitting this electronic application I certify that the information I provided in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge:

  • I am Minnesota resident (either temporarily during the school year through the college I attend or as a permanent resident) and am at least 18 years of age, or will be on or before the date of availability provided above;
  • I am enrolled in an accredited college or technical school in an approved high-tech curriculum;
  • I am in good academic standing with a 2.50 GPA or above (A copy of your current school transcript must be uploaded electronically to this application);
  • I am legally eligible to work in the U.S;
  • I am registered for the federal Selective Service and can provide documentation of registration, or I am exempt and am able to provide documentation for exemption;
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to review job postings for the Program, contact businesses directly, arrange interviews, and negotiate the terms of any job offer;
  • I agree to keep the SciTech Program informed about recruiting, interviewing, and hiring decisions;
  • I understand that submitting an application does not guarantee placement in a SciTech internship, and that the hiring companies will make final hiring decisions, not the administrators of the SciTech program;
  • If I am hired by a company for a SciTech internship, it is my responsibility to raise any concerns about work assignments or work-related issues with the employer. I agree to work with the employer in good faith in an effort to resolve any work-place concerns. I understand that SciTech is not responsible for supervising or solving work-related issues;
  • I agree to comply with all Program Requirements;
  • I give permission to MnTECH to share the information provided in the Program application with prospective employers;
  • I give permission to MnTECH to share photos, videos and stories about my experience with the SciTech program and any internship acquired through SciTech in its promotional and marketing outreach efforts;
  • I have read and agree to abide by the Equal Opportunity is the Law Notice (p.1 document). I understand that individuals retain the right to participate the Program dispute resolution process or to file a complaint of discrimination or violation of civil rights. I also understand that it is the policy of the Minnesota Technology Association to comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (Equal Opportunity is the Law Notice, p.2 document). I have also read through the Know Your Rights information.
  • I have read and agree to abide by the Data Privacy Notice (p.2 of document). I understand that information may be shared with other service provider agencies in accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.
  • If I am hired by a company for a SciTech internship, I agree to provide an evaluation of my experience with the program; via survey within 30 days of completing the internship;
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the SciTech Internship Program, or need to file any complaint to be resolved in the Program dispute resolution process, including discrimination, please contact Piper Cleaveland, Interim SciTech Program Director at or 952-807-5254.

By checking ACCEPT in the Electronic Signature field below and submitting this form, you are certifying that you agree with the statements listed under Electronic Agreement and are electronically signing this agreement.

Accept Terms of Agreement *
The Minnesota Technology Association is an equal opportunity program provider. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.