For most people, talking about yourself isn’t easy, especially when interviewing for an internship or a job.
Where do I begin? Should I mention my hobbies? What if it sounds like I’m bragging?

If you’re like many STEM-minded students, maybe you’re more comfortable working with a set structure and something to guide you. This QuikSkills Workshop is designed to break down the fundamentals of how to tell your story so you can confidently respond when a future employer says, “So, tell me about yourself.”

In this one hour workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • articulate the importance of sharing your story while job searching
  • describe what an “elevator pitch” is and identify when and where to use it
  • create and practice your personal elevator pitch
  • identify the building blocks to use when answering the question, “tell me about yourself”
  • and craft an appropriate response to that question

As you watch, we encourage you to reference the accompanying resources, examples and handouts. A copy of the slides are also available.

This workshop was recorded live on November Friday 13, 2020. The recording has been edited for brevity and clarity. 


More job hunting/ interviewing resources are always available in the Student Resources section of the SciTech Blog.

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