For 14 years, Software for Good has proudly provided web and mobile app development services to organizations working toward environmental and social change. To further enhance local community support, Software for Good created the Giving Program, a unique internship experience with two goals in mind:

  1. Recognize local non-profits with bold ideas and little funding
  2. Recruit young talent interested in making a difference through community involvement

Software for Good now partners with the SciTech Internship Program to help bring these goals to reality, all while building a more diverse Twin Cities technology industry.

Last week we sat down with software engineering interns Ilhan Dahir and Obinna Iwuji and asked them to share their #SciTech and what it was like interning with Software for Good.


The biggest influence interns have at Software for Good, said Software Engineer Eddie Glenn, “is how they affect our company culture. It’s really good to be reminded what it feels like to solve these problems and it’s a great opportunity for everyone in the office to learn.”

“SciTech helps make [the Giving Program] sustainable,” said Glenn, “The support we receive enables us to make a bigger impact on our community.”

Internships are Opportunities

When it comes to a successful internship, the influential work demonstrated by Software for Good serves as a model example, not an exception. If your small business is interested in starting an internship program but is uncertain how, offers free employer resources to help get you started. Our webinar: How to Host a Successful Internship for You and Your Student can be found here.

Ready to start your SciTech?

Enroll your company now. Student applications are always open and wage matches (up to $2,500 per intern) are still available for 2018. It’s not too late to get started.