Nimbelink is a Plymouth-based technology company focused on developing wireless products for the Internet-of-Things market. This August, Nimbelink welcomed the SciTech Internship team  to a site visit to meet with the interns Nimbelink hired through the program.

Nimbelink is a growing company, and we were curious to know more about their plans to incorporate interns and mentorship into their business plan.

“We are a steward for our interns on their growth path,” replied Kurt Larson, Nimbelink’s CTO. “As a company grows, you need a pipeline of young talent. We use our internship program as part of our talent pipeline development for all of our staff. Seeing as we hire in an environment where we need very technically adept individuals, we’re always looking for inspired students that have an interest in this line of work and we use the program to vet and evaluate those people. We bring them in as interns and as they demonstrate their level of skill and aptitude to learn quickly, we continue to give them more responsibility in the projects we give them.”

For all the mentorship and exposure the interns receive, they give back with passion, ingenuity, and a fresh perspective. One of the areas where their interns help out the most is with the documentation process.

“It helps us learn where there are gaps in our own documentation so when our customers use those products those gaps will be fixed,” Larson said.

A Lasting Impact
Max Lezer was one of the students that Nimbelink hired. Over the course of their summer, he and his fellow interns worked on a variety of tasks, everything from converting dev ops and asset tracking, to design validation work. His personal favorite however was the first project he was assigned, adding functionality to a third party website. After testing his solution for a couple of weeks, Lezer presented his finished product to John Young, Nimbelink’s CIO.

“When I presented it to John, we started talking about the whole reason we were doing this,” Lezer said. “Because this isn’t a typical project that Nimbelink does. We were basically doing it to secure sales. When I heard that three weeks into my internship, I was like, ‘I’m already having an impact here because I developed this thing –that took me a week and a half- and it’s already secured X number of sales for the company.”

Lezer’s fellow interns Farris Al-Humayani and Hunter Bahl agreed, chiming in to share their takeaways from this shared learning experience.

“University does not prepare you for working in an industry,” Bahl said. “From this internship, I 100 percent feel much more confident in my ability to progress forward in a career. I have a lot of marketable skills that I’ve learned.”

“I like the company atmosphere,” Al-Humayani concluded. “I’ve loved Nimbelink so far and this has given me a good standing.”

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