Earlier this month, SciTech was proud to co-host the Minnesota Resources for Science and Technology Companies event at the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center. Held in the new Discovery Nexus space, SciTech partnered with MHTA’s Minnesota Small Business Innovation Research (MN-SBIR) and the U of M’s Office of University Economic Development (UED) to connect early stage and established science and technology businesses with the abundance of entrepreneurial resources and organizations that Minnesota has to offer.

One of the highlights of the event was a panel discussion that brought together a mix of young entrepreneurs and experienced CEOs, all experts in their fields and thought leaders within Minnesota’s blossoming entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Most of the entrepreneurs in the STEM field that I know,” the panel’s moderator Tim Tripp explained, “aren’t financial experts and require these resources to get their companies the development they deserve.”

Together Dave Goebel, Tyler Ebert, Dr. Eric Guire and Dr. Eric Morrison spoke on their first-hand experience utilizing the event’s featured resources and the wide range of support, funding and growth they received. Here are some of their highlights:

Dave Goebel, enVerde LLC
enVerde LLC is a waste-to-energy technology producer dedicated to converting carbon-based materials into clean energy. As the company’s CEO and founder, Dave Goebel (above right) launched the panel discussion by describing enVerde, its goals, and the resources he used that made them attainable. Of the programs presented at the Minnesota Sci-Tech Resources event, Goebel relied on:

  • MN Cup

“Working with Pat [Dillon] and MN Cup,” Goebel said, “means you and your company get vetted, which means you’ve minimized part of the risk of launching a new company.”

Tyler Ebert, AdrenaCard
Combining life-saving medication with easy-to-carry devices, AdrenaCard developed a sleek EpiPen alternative for severe allergy sufferers in 2014. Tyler Ebert (center right) created the company with Chris Kuehn while still studying at the University of Minnesota. With assistance from the UED they were able to grow their company, receiving national recognition for their pharmaceutical development. AdrenaCard worked closely with:

  • SciTech
  • UED

After UED helped them get off the ground, Ebert recalled, “we needed talent, so the first thing we took advantage of was SciTech. It was their work that helped us get that second round of funding. We wouldn’t have existed without these resources.”

Dr. Eric Guire, Innovative Surface Technologies (ISurTec)
As the Senior Scientist at ISurTec, Dr. Eric Guire (center left) spoke to attendees about his work developing nature-friendly technologies for treating nervous system disorders. Since joining the firm in 2008, Dr. Guire has relied on the resources of:

“I’ve used SciTech at least half a dozen times,” Dr. Guire said, “and have direct hired at least one person because of it.”

Dr. Eric Morrison, Dynation LLC
When picturing nanotechnology, skin creams and medication may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, as Dr. Eric Morrison (left) explained, companies like Dynation LLC are capitalizing on this fast-acting and essentially side-effect free method of epidermal drug delivery. Dr. Morrison spoke primarily on his experience with:

  • SciTech

It was through the assistance of SciTech interns that Dynation LLC was able to conceive of and develop a new product that acts as an ibuprofen lotion. When it came to essential networking resources within the small business market, Dr. Morrison said, “Pat [Dillon] made meeting people really easy. She has a great network available amongst the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Twin Cities.”

In honor of the organizations that participated in this event, SciTech is pleased to announce the release of a special blog series that will run after the Thanksgiving holiday: Starting November 27, SciTech will post the first blog in their Resource Wish-List for Entrepreneurs series, counting down the holidays with four must-have Minnesota science and technology resources that every STEM small business and start-up company should know.

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