About Deerwood:
Deerwood Technologies is an IT security solutions provider located in the heart of Minnesota’s lake country. For 12 years, this veteran-owned small business has serviced clients throughout Minnesota. Deerwood’s approach to offering a tailored security assessment begins by understanding a company’s unique technology environment.

Jim Mayne, the CEO of Deerwood Technologies, knew that when he hired an intern through SciTech, he needed someone not only adept in computer programming but who possessed the personal skills necessary to meet their customer service standards.

“I was impressed by David’s professionalism,” Mayne recalled, “and after his interview, there was no doubt he would be a good fit for our company.”

Meet the Intern:
David Chong is wrapping up his Computer Science degree this fall at the University of Minnesota Morris. Since most of his class experience centered around app development, Chong received a lot of on-the-job learning during his time at Deerwood Tech, including first hand training with managed cyber security services.

Chong was able to build on his customer relations experience by resolving client issues and responding to alerts and exceptions on Deerwood’s network operations center and security operations center service boards.

Getting to work on structured problem solving, Chong said, was especially valuable. “I learned how important it is to take a step back from what I’m doing to help locate the root of the problem.” Whenever he’d encounter a challenging task, Chong said, “I would research the issue, analyze the problem and tackle it directly.”

“David was very adaptable,” said Mayne. “He has been a contributing member of the team from the beginning.”

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