When companies want GMP quality hemp for their products, they can rely on Northern Diversified Solutions (NDS) to help them deliver premium hemp-derived ingredient solutions to their customers. With their custom formulations and ingredient systems, NDS strives to elevate unique brands all while removing the risk from the ingredient supply process.

With more clients coming in, the team at NDS decided to post an Analytical Chemistry Intern position through the SciTech Job board, to assist with their growing workload. There they connected with Emily Stephens, a biochemistry major at the University of St. Thomas. 

Interested in medicine, but with a pharma application, Stephens was drawn to the opportunity at NDS and quickly secured a position there over the summer. Her internship acted as a training period where she could familiarize herself with the company, the machinery and the process. By the time fall came around, NDS extended an offer for Stephens to continue working part-time, which she gladly accepted.

“Now I know what I’m expected to do and have a set plan. I don’t have to ask as many questions and when I arrive I get right into work,” Stephens said confidently.

“Really early on, we were impressed with Emily,” said NDS’s COO Renato Krsnik. “When you go through this whole training process and someone likes what they’re doing, it’s kinda sad when they have to leave. And it’s a major value add for our company, so we’d love to keep Emily around.”

Believe in the plant
When reviewing candidates, “What we’re looking for is people who are interested and want to learn. Ask me as many questions as you want, we’ll teach you all of it,” Krsnik said. “We try to work with people who believe in what the plant [hemp] does. It’s very medicinal, it’s used by many people for pain, anxiety, and we’re here to help those people. That’s our goal.”

NDS’s company culture is built around that idea: Help people, believe in the plant, work hard, expect a lot from each other, and have fun.

Stephens also really appreciated how flexible NDS was when it came to balancing her classes with her responsibilities at work. “In the midst of midterms,” she recalled, “my bosses were very understanding and encouraged me to take a day off if I needed a mental break. It was a very nice, flexible environment.”

This experience, Stephens said, has taught her a lot. The hands-on lab experience she’s gained really helped her to understand the process and how to work with large industry standard machinery. Thanks to her time at NDS, Stephens said, she now has a leg up when applying for Pharmacy school.

Get involved!
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